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Martin Grimm

Since graduating with a degree in Landscape Management and Nature Conservation in 2003 I am working as a freelance field ornithologist in various avifaunistic projects. These include breeding bird surveys, offshore seabird surveys, migratory bird counts as well as bird ringing and telemetry.
Being part of ornithological field studies I could perfectly combine my profession with bird photography. As I worked with birds for many years I was able to collect experience and knowledge of the behaviour of several bird species. This proofed to be very helpful searching for and taking interesting and new photo scenes. In addition, the intensive study of avifauna and thus the extensive time spent outside in many different bird habitats offered numerous exciting photo opportunities.
Besides mainly working in Germany and other European countries I was also involved in ornithological projects and photo safaries to Africa, North America, Asia and New Zealand. For these regions I could collect an extensive portfolio consisting of bird, mammal and landscape photography.
The pleasure in birds and nature I share with my wife Tina. Working together in several projects and traveling to different regions around the world we very much enjoyed to observe and to take pictures of the fascinating flora and fauna. Our enthusiasm of nature and wildlife we recently also try to exemplify to our son Jonathan, born in 2013.
Maybe I am able to transfer my own fascination in our birdlife with my pictures also to the viewer. I hope you enjoy!

Martin Grimm

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